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What does Cascap stand for?
Cascap, Inc. is a legally incorporated company. Today, Cascap is the official name of the company. At its inception more than 30 years ago, CASCAP once was an acronym for the Cambridge and Somerville Cooperative Apartment Project. However, in the quarter century that has passed, Cascap has broadened its scope beyond the single apartment project of the early days. To learn more about the original apartment project, read the Cascap 1980 annual report in our Look Back In Time special feature.


What is Cascap's mission?
Cascap's fundamental mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals and families who are disadvantaged due to disability, poverty or age. Click here to read the full text of Cascap's mission statement.


What does Cascap do?
Cascap is a private non-profit human service organization with its main office located in the Central Square area of Cambridge. Cascap has five ‘divisions’ or ‘departments’ each helps to further the agency's mission and responds to a particular need within the Greater Boston community.

1. Real Estate Operations: Cascap's REO department specializes in the development of high quality affordable housing. Since 1988, Cascap has directly developed and/or collaborated in the development of hundreds of affordable housing units for disabled, elderly or low-income individuals and families. Ranging from award winning rehabilitation and historic renovation to specifically designed contemporary construction, Cascap carries the standard for creating housing that meets the needs of the individuals and families who live there as well as the communities in which they stand. Cascap's Property Management Department operates as an arm of REO and is responsible for the maintenance, management, budgeting, leasing, compliance and tenancy in Cascap portfolio of affordable housing.

2. Elder Support Services: With the goal of enabling low-income, elderly residents to live independently and in the community of their choice for as long as possible, Cascap employs a team of social workers to provide service coordination to the residents of Cambridge public housing and three Cascap-owned Elder supported housing programs in the area. Service Coordinators are on hand to assist residents with a variety of on-going and one-time needs.

3. Money Management Services: Cascap's mission of fostering independence and recovery is supported the money management services program. The program provides representative payee, money management and benefits/entitlement services to consumers of Cascap housing and/or clients of area transitional programs and homeless shelters.


How do I or someone I know apply for housing with Cascap?

        The type of housing determines the application process:

        - Low Income Housing

If you are searching for subsidized apartments with a Section 8 certificate or with other low-income needs, please call our main number for further information.(617-492-5559). Visit our Housing Opportunities web pages to view our affordable housing.

        - Housing for the Elderly

Cascap currently offers three supportive housing programs which may be of particular interest to elders of limited means.

              - Havard Place in Cambridge
              - Nonantum Village Place in Newton
              - Marshall Place Apartment in Watertown

Visit our Housing for Elders web page for further information regarding these elder supported housing sites or call Cascap at 617 492-5559.


Where does Cascap's funding come from?
Cascap is funded through a variety of sources. Cascap receives some federal funding and some funding from local municipalities. Private foundations, corporate giving and individual donations from our supporters are also a vital part of our ability to continue to provide the highest quality of housing and services possible.


How is Cascap governed?
Cascap is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, who have oversight responsibility to the agency. Cascap's Chief Executive Officer is hired, supervised and reviewed on an annual basis by the Board.


Does Cascap have 501(c)(3) status?
Yes, Cascap was incorporated and filed its non-profit papers in the 1970's. We hold tax exempt status and are a non-profit in good standing with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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